Drawing Diagonally when using CNCServer
  • When using Inkscape, the AxiDraw functions correctly. However, when we submit requests using the API, the bot draws on a 45-degree angle in a very small rectangle. I was wondering where in the settings should we should change to recalibrate the relative xy.
  • It sounds like you haven't yet set the botType variable, and it probably is in WaterColorBot mode. Use "axidraw" mode instead.
  • I have changed the variable to axidraw, but it is still drawing on a diagonal. Also, when I go to localhost:4242, it still displaying the WatercolorBot set-up.
  • The example app at localhost:4242 is a WaterColorBot control example; it is not an API.

    You can check whether the API is in AxiDraw mode by browsing to: http://localhost:4242/v1/settings/global .

    If it is still in WaterColorBot mode (and the fact that it is drawing diagonally suggests that it is), then you still need to set the bot type variable via the API. 

    If you happen to be using the copy of cncserver embedded in RoboPaint, then you also have the option to go to Settings > Advanced and change the bot type there. (You will need to restart RoboPaint after restarting it.)
  • I am using Postman to get and put the "botType," but even though I changed the botType to axidraw, it is still drawing on a diagonal. Is there anything else we need to change it to AxiDraw mode?

    I am also looking at the RoboPaint GUI. It appears that there are only two modes: WaterColorbot and Eggbot.

  • Perhaps you have an old version of RoboPaint/cncserver?