Can't install on macOS Sierra, says it requires ink space 0.47 or newer, but I have 0.95.
  • Refuses to install :-(

    Any ideas?

  • Can you please say what it is that you have that is "0.95"?
  • Inkscape.

    I was able to do a manual install following the instructions for the pre-release version of EggBot, but the Mac DMG (release version) fails with Sierra and Inkscape 0.91 and later.

  • The current release version of Inkscape is 0.91-- if you're using a pre-release version of Inkscape (especially one so far ahead as 0.95) that might explain the issue.

  • It failed with 0.91, I was trying different builds to see if I could get it to run.

    I am currently running build 0.91 of Inkscape and Eggbot 2.8.0 (manual install)

    If I run the 2.8.4 Mac DMG based installer, it does not let me proceed.

    Here is a link to the error screen: