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Custom solder pad in .fp (gEDA)

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Hi there!

I'm trying to create a star shaped solder pad (so instead of circles it would be stars), but running into a few issues.

Whenever I select the shape, then do Select > Convert selection to element, it doesn't work.

But, drawing a rect, then do the same thing, it works and now it is on the pin/pads layer.

If you draw a polygon and do the same thing, it doesn't work.

Is there any way to make a custom shape into a solder pad? (other than overlapping many lines and rectangles)

Thanks for the help!


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    So far as I know, this cannot be done directly.  It looks like general polygons can't be part of footprints. 

    However, building it out of lines is actually a pretty good workaround.  I was able to draw an open star with just five line segments (six clicks total!), which seems to convert into an element just fine.  With a fatter line width (and about 30 seconds), I was able to fill the shape with lines, making a solid star shape. And that works as an element too.  Not half bad, actually. :)
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