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Menorrah - LED #3 not lighting

My Menorrah went together very nicely. Kidlet helped with directions and bending/trimming leads. I did the soldering. For my first kit, I thought I did well. All but one solder looked like I expected. 

We ceremoniously put our batter in and started pressing the button. The fourth led #3 did not light. So, this makes a few questions.

#1) how do I check for a good LED
#2) how do I make sure resister is good
#3) how do I make sure the chip is sending voltage to the LED?
#4) how do I test for good solders on all of these? 

I have a multimeter and I do see voltage across the legs of the LED. Did I solve my problem? Bad LED?

Please and Thank You.


  • If voltage is getting to the LED, it is likely that the resistor is good, and that the chip is sending a signal there.  (Either that, or you've got a short circuit that is causing the voltage to get there...)

    One thing not in your list that can go wrong-- and commonly does --is that an LED is installed backwards.  If you have an extra LED in your kit, you can try placing it against the pins of the non-lighting LED, to see if the LED in that position is either broken or backwards.
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    OK, thank you! Sorry for all the tech requests for such an inexpensive item.

    Spare LED works. So, existing LED must be either turned around or replaced. I touch the LED leads with the iron and worked it out, tested it on another LED to get orientation and carefully soldered it back in place. Voila, working menorrah! Thanks for the terrific and fun product.

    I hope you and Lenore are prospering in this cr@ppy economy. Your products are so... well... cool!

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