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Just got it up and running, had one issue.

edited December 2012 in Egg-Bot
I got the Ostrich Egg-bot in the mail last night and assembly went smootly until some of the metal brackets would not allow anything to screw into them. I couldn't twist the thumb screw hard enough and when using the driver on any of the socket screws the driver would twist as opposed to the screw moving. I gave up frustrated last night knowing if I continued I would break something. With a clearer mind this morning I got my tap and die set and recapped the annoying angle brackets, 7 holes in all. Aside from that it was a fun and enjoyable kit to assemble and is working fine.


  • Yikes, that sounds awful!

    I'm very sorry for the trouble; we'll check our brackets here to see if it's a more widespread problem.  And, I'm glad that you were able to get them tapped.  (We'd happily send you replacements, too.)
  • Not awful, just a bit frustrating. I had a lot of fun with the rest of it.
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