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Waiting on EggBot question

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Is it possible to import a vector clip art image (outline only) into Inkscape,  and then plot that design on the egg?  I understand that I must work within the constraints of 3200px X 800px.....just curious if the image fits within these limits,  will it plot to the egg.  I'm not trying to fill any zero space,  just plot an outlined image...

Like this one

Thank you



  • The example on that page is not actually a vector, so I can't say whether or not the "real" version is suitable.  You could certainly trace it, if it is not already true vector art.
  • Sorry 'bout that.....

    This should be more along the lines of true vector clip art...

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    While that *is* true vector clip art, it isn't actually "eggbot ready," because of the way that it's designed.

    Try opening up the file in Inkscape, and looking at where the lines actually are.  Select all, and then ungroup everything.  If you look at how that drawing is made, all of the white parts inside the flower are actually white-filled regions on a larger back backdrop.    To see how the Eggbot would actually draw it, select all, turn the fill type to "no paint" (none), and select a consistent stroke width, say 1 px.  Then, you'll see all the same hidden lines that the Eggbot will. 


    It is possible to "fix" this, by going and deleting all of the hidden lines (and Inkscape has some pretty neat "boolean" tools that can help) but clip art is never a "sure thing."
  • Received the kit,  and aside from having to re-tap three of the threaded angle brackets,  everything else went together exactly as described in the instructions.  No problems at all with build....

    I will be hooking up to the computer tomorrow for the initial setup and first trial run....I'll post the results here.

    Thank you for the quick shipment,  and a beautifully designed kit.

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