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Help With Programming Meggy Jr RGB

Hi There.
I have just gotten into programming my Meggy and have thoroughly read the Programming Guide. I think I have the basics. I have been trying to make a program that makes a green dot appear at 0,3 and if I press the up button, it erases the dot at 0,3 and draws a green dot at 0,4. Kind of the same thing for the down button. If it is pressed the dot at 0,4 gets erased and a dot appears at 0,2. If I pressed up again 0,2 would vanish and 0,4 would appear. That was the plan anyway.
It hasn't been working though. The best I have gotten is a dot at 0,3 and 0,4 when up is pressed and 0,3 and 0,2 when down is pressed.
I have tried nearly every single variation I can think of.
Does anyone know how to write a program with the Meggy Simplified Library like I have described above?


  • Have you been able to get some of the existing simple demos to work, such as MeggyJr_CheckButtonsPress and MeggyJr_EasyDrawDots?  
  • I do not know if there is a library for that, but I would recommend checking some of your statements and making sure that they weren't limiting the abilities of the dot.
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