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Inkscape help for Egg-bot

edited January 2013 in Software Tools
I've looked and looked, but still need help.  I'm trying to create a Packers logo for drawing.  Google "Packers Logo SVG" and you will find a couple.  I can import SVG into Inkspace and do all sorts of things with layers, etc.  But the problem is to create a solid background with a WHITE overlay.  You obviously can't draw a white layer over a dark green background.  What I need to be able to do is to "cut out" the white G.  I've tried doing a "difference" in the path menu but I am lost.  Regardless of what I do, when I apply the HATCH, I get the hatch squiggles over the entire shape and not contained within the desired background.  I don't mind digging more and learning while I dig, but maybe someone can point me in a good direction.  And, yes, I am a very new owner, getting the bot as a gift last week, and getting my first taste of vector image editing.  Thanks, John


  • Hi John,
    You're on the right track.  Yes, use the difference menu option to create your cutout shape.  To fill a "funny shaped" path with lines, you may have better luck with the Hatch Fill extension, rather than the squiggly hatch; it handles a wider variety of shapes. 

    If that's still not working, try first selecting the shape, and then filling it just with a solid color, to show you where Inkscape thinks it should be filled in.  That might help you figure out if there's a bigger problem with the shape.
  • i downloaded the svg from wikipedia and was unable to do anything with it.  then i peaked at the source and noticed that each of the elements of the image is in its own group.  select each element and ungroup it, (ctl-shift-g), and you will be able to use difference.
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