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Problem With Meggy JR

edited January 2013 in General

Hello I assembled a Meggy jr 1.2 and it worked for a hour or 2 but now it is not functioning .. I have re flowed solder on pins that looked that had a cold joint .. Still nothing I checked with a meter I have 4.5 volts dc so the battery's are not the problem I checked the led Martix to see if I burned the diodes out and I didn't .. I don't know what else to do . I make sure there was no cross solder ether .Ive tested the LED with meter they appeared to work. Is there a component that hinders all the functions to work it is completely dead. I also tested the ATMEGA using this diagram and the VCC and GRD are receiving voltage and on the AVCC too also i checked the LED Drivers and also seem to be receiving voltage . Help 


  • I just followed up on your earlier email message, and as it's generally better to keep a discussion in one format, let's stick to email for now. 
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