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Engraver assembly instructions are wrong or LED is defective?

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I was building the circuit board of the engraver and I believe I found
an error in the assembly instructions.  Page 14 of the online
instructions for the rev B board (which I have):

to insert the LED into the board with the long lead into the square
hole.  On my board, the square hole is closest to the cap.  This matches
what is shown in the picture on the page.

However, on my LED itself, the long lead on my LED is on the FLAT side of the package, not the rounded side.

closely at the LED, I think it might have been put together reversed. 
The anvil (cathode, short lead) is on the rounded side of the LED and the post (anode, long
lead) is on the flat side.

If I assemble my rev B board using the rev B instructions (put long LED into square hole) the finished board will look like a rev A board (curved side of LED to outside of board)

Can someone verify this for me please.  I can try and send a photo if necessary. 


  • Unfortunately, the plastic on *some* of these LEDs is backwards, and we didn't catch it before they shipped. I apologize for this; we probably should have noticed and included an erratum with the kit about it.

    The correct solution is to install the LED as instructed, with the long lead into the square hole. However, the plastic may be backwards from how it is pictured.
  • Thanks for the quick response!  I was going to install it high off the board just in case I had to remove and reinstall.  This saves me the trouble.
  • I am so glad you posted this - I thought I was going crazy! I was *sure* I had put the long end in the square hole, but when I looked at which side was round, it was facing the wrong way and did not match the picture in your most excellent instructions.  (how about posting a note in the online instructions?)
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