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Alpha Clock 5 buttons

edited January 2013 in Clock Kits
I just finished building the A5 and have begun several firmware mods.  (Don't worry, I have lots of experience doing this, check out the current firmware for the Akafugu clock).  

One thing that bugged me right at the start though, is the position of the + and - buttons.  Am I the only one bothered by this?  When navigating the menu, the left button selects the previous item, the right button selects the next, but the +/- setting buttons are the reverse.  Drove me nuts until I flipped them in the software.  Pretty much every piece of electronics I've ever worked with is left for down or - and right for up or +.  

Now I guess I get to make a new top panel for my clock... :-)



  • Also I am in favor of interchanging the positions of the plus and the minus buttons. Scale values increase from left to right. And the row of whole numbers goes form negative numbers at the left to positive numbers at the right.
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