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Pen arm lift problem

edited February 2013 in Egg-Bot
Hi there,

assembled the egg bot, installed inkscape, extesions, driver. Steppers seem to work o.k.
Proplem: the pen arm is moving up and down, but in egg bot control, setup the positionof the pen arm lift cannot be adjusted.
values from 40(down pos.) to 70 (up pos.) gives movement up and down, but allways to max positions (180 degrees movement from up to down and back)
Windosx XP, Firmware 2.1.5 installed ( EBBv13_and_above EB Firmware Version 2.1.5)
trying to plot some simple figure, it works, lowers the pen arm, but do not lift up again at upper movement.

looking out for help

Best regards from Germany, Dietmar


  • It sounds like you may have a broken servo motor. Please contact our store directly for a replacement.
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