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Larson Scanner with an external DC PSU hooked up to a motion detector?

edited February 2013 in General
Hello... I did a search and did not find any threads discussing this option so.... What I want to do is to hook up my Larson Scanner to a motion detector, so when someone enters the room the red LED's fire. I have tons of DC wallwarts lying around and I am sure I could modify one to work, I just don't what the appropriate voltage and amperage should be.... any help?



  • The Larson Scanner is designed to run off of 3 V DC, if you use the standard red LEDs.  You can swap out and use larger resistors (say, 100 - 150 ohm), if you'd like to run it off of 5 V DC.  As far as current goes, it's under 50 mA, max.

    Now, I don't know what the output of your motion detector looks like, but you also need to think about that, and how it relates to the Larson Scanner. :)
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