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Vref and Servo Problem

edited February 2013 in Egg-Bot
Hi, yesterday i got my Eggbot board ( exactly this one : ).
The firmware update etc worked fine but when i try to adjust the vref of the the stepper drivers I realised that in every position of the poti, vref stays at ~2V (measured on ground  and the vref pad near to the poti). Driving the steppers with this config heatens the motors and the drivers too much :( Is there a design error in the version of the board?!

My second problem is the servo which isn't working. Sending a command to move it lets the servo make noise but it doesnt move...

Can anyone help me please ?

Thx in advance


  • First, be sure that you're measuring this voltage at test point TP3.   

    While I don't think that there's a design error, it sounds like you may have received a board with a bad pot or some other kind of fabrication error.     You should probably contact the store where you bought it, to arrange for an exchange.
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