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want to charge supercapacitor and the battery by the solar panel

i have a circuit which charges the battery from solar panel but also i wanna add the super capacitor to be charged by the solar panel along with the circuit. how can i do that??? can anyone help me on this.....
Thanks in advance...


  • As long as the supercap has voltage capacity greater than that of the solar cell, you can connect it directly in parallel with the battery.
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    Hi,Thanks for ur comment…But my values are Battery- 6V, Solar panel- 13/14V,
    Supercapacitor- 2.5V.So the voltage of my supercapacitor is not greater than
    the solar panel, now how ll I do this???And also I have another doubt, which is the efficient way
    to charge the supercap.Either by the battery or directly by the solar panel???Thanks in advance…


  • Well, you'll have to drop the extra voltage somewhere.  And, with components like these, you're not going to get much efficiency, no matter what you do.
  • so, i wanna use the supercap in parallel with the battery but should drop some voltage...
    is there case i can use these components efficiently???
  • i am a newb but it all depends on what u are trying to do.  what is the end result?
    is the cap for a reason or to stabilize power to battery?  might be obvious but im a newb

    if your cap is not big enough get a bigger one ;) 

    perhaps in parallel with overflow to batteries or another cap
  • >if your cap is not big enough get a bigger one ;) 

    Yes, that's the right answer.
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