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Motors hot when idle

edited February 2013 in Egg-Bot
I noticed the motors get really hot when my eggbot is idle. Is that normal behaviour ? I'm using a fan as a cooler just in case. :P
Thanks in adv.


  • The Eggbot motors use a similar amount of power whether or not they are turning, since the coils in stepper motors are continuously energized whenever power to the motors is turned on.

    If the motors are getting excessively hot, you may want to adjust the motor current down.  There's a "sweet spot" in terms of motor current, where the drawing quality is best (not too much current, not too little current) and the motors tend to run at a reasonably-warm medium temperature.     

    For instructions on how to adjust the motor current, see here:
  • From what I can tell, also good to make sure your motors are really idle (ie: easy to turn) and not locked and standing still.  If not easy to turn, pick "disable motors" from the eggbot control manual command.
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