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Octolively-flexible connectors & programming

I am interested in combining a number of Octolivelys in to a curved shape are there any flexible or cable connectors that can be used to achieve this?
I am also would like to know if the programming can be reversed, that is so that it running one of the programs when it is turned on and then when a hand moves over them they turn off?


  • A set of Octolively panels can be misaligned by about 10 degrees per connection, to fit along a curved surface.  If a steeper curve is needed, you can use a ribbon cable (or individual wires) to connect them together. If you know in advance of building them exactly what configuration you will need, that can enable the use of more compact flexible connections.

    One of the default eight programs does have the LEDs normally lit, and then dimming when a hand moves over.  It is also possible to reprogram them to modify this or the other programs as you see fit.

  • Windell, 
    Thanks for the notes!
    Regarding misalignment does that mean that the pins can be bent up to 10 degrees? How is the misalignment attained?
    Can the default normally lit program be altered to be random blinking at various speeds? I am not a coder and would need help with hacking the program can you give me some suggestions on how to approach this, if that is what is needed?
    China Blue
  • Yes, the pins can be bent by up to about 10 degrees, while still maintaining a good connection.  If you need to bend more than that, you should probably consider how the things will connect together prior to assembling the connectors onto the boards.

    The program can be altered to do almost anything, although true randomness is hard to achieve on a microcontroller. The Octolively is normally used in a mode where each LED responds to the stimulation at that site, however it does not necessarily need to be built with the sensors, if you do not need them, and your program will not expect them.
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