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Pen servo not working

edited March 2013 in Egg-Bot
both stepper motors are working fine, but the pen servo only goes to the almost the maximum upper position and then does not move. When power is turned off and then on again, it briefly goes to the absolut maximum, and then returns to almost maximum. No control options from Inkscape makes it move.

I asked the EBB for its version info, and it replied:
 EBBv13_and_above EB Firmware Version 2.0.1

I'm using a mac with os x 10.8.2.

The eggbot was built yesterday. Help appreciated. 


  • Hi earvedson,
      There are two likely possibilities.  Either the servo is not configured correctly, or your servo is bad and needs to be replaced. 

      First, double check that the servo is plugged into the EBB correctly.  Next, remove the servo from the pen arm, and see if it still behaves this way, even if you change the pen up and pen down position.  It's important to check this because if the servo arm is in the wrong place (from the setup stage) it can behave exactly as you have described, running all the way to one end and then get stuck there.

     If the servo is still not working, then it will need to be replaced.  Please use the contact form at our shop to request a replacement:
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