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Problem with sketch MIRROR PEGGY 3

Hello everyone!

I would like to show video-clips (MOV.) on Peggy 2.
In the first step I want to play it over the Processing IDE (having a web-cam source) without using the Peggyboard.
However, when I upload the MIRROR PEGGY 3 sketch the processing-window stays black (No Picture). There's no problem-report.
But when I try to run the MIRROR (processing library) sketch with the web-cam source it works perfectly.  

What is the Problem? And what do I have to do?



  • Hi Max, 
    In the code for Mirror Peggy 3, find the line that says: 

     video = new Capture(this, 320, 240, 15); //Last number is frames per second 

    Immediately following that line, add the following line of code:


    This is necessary because of a change in the the video library, in the new "beta" version of Processing that you are running.
  • Thanks Windell,
    Thats the way, now it runs........... but the next problem is:
    when I changed all parts in the sketch MirrorPeggy3 to see videomovies (MOV. file) there is no
    image adaptation to the 25 x 25 window . I can see only a small image section. The normal instruction :
    image ( movie, 0, 0, width, height) ;     didn`t function in this case.
    What must I do ?
  • The webcam program is set up to take the image input, and divide it down to 25x25. For other input sources, especially at different aspect ratios, you may need to look at the video size and adjust how it's divided down.
  • Fantastic Windell,
    Thanks for given me the tip , I changed the videosize via mpeg streamclip : now it works !!!!

  • Hey,
    Is there any chance you could post your edited mirror peggy sketch code here?
    Im trying to do the same as you but having issues,

    Thank you!

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