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Nothing happens when trying to calibrate pen up/ pen down

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All seems ok, but when I call up Inkscape / Extensions / Eggbot Control / Setup and hit Apply nothing happens.  Have double checked connections, not sure what else to try.  I'm using the Ostrich Bot.


  • Usually, this means that the power supply is not plugged in or is not working. 

    Check that the lights on the EBB still light up when you disconnect the USB cable. 
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    No, that's not it.  Lights are on, both green ones at top next to power supply and flashing green one between USB and power connections. 

  • >No, that's not it.

    Did you actually check with the USB cable unplugged?

    The next thing to do is to try to move the motors, using the "Manual" tab of Eggbot Control.  Try moving the "egg" motor, without anything in the Eggbot, to see if it turns.
  • Yes, I have power with the USB cable unplugged.

    I'll try to move the motor later today, using the "Manual tab", once I'm back at the bot.

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    Ok, I've tried the egg motor.  It moves fine, as does the pen motor.  So apparently it's something with the servo motor. Any suggestions on where to go from here?  Thanks.
  • Update:  I double checked all wiring and connection to servo motor.  On a whim, I reversed the servo cable connection, so that the black wire is on the inside (the right side) of the EBB.  This is the opposite of what the instructions say I should do.

    After reversing the cable, the servo works fine and all seems ok.   Apparently, either the instructions are incorrect (Step 38) or my cable is reversed for some reason.

  • Yikes!  The instructions are correct, so it seems like they must have mis-wired it at the factory.  I'm glad to hear that it's working, though!
  • This helped me thank you very much.
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