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Specifics on Octolively

edited July 2012 in General
I saw that this would work through fogged glass but I wanted to utilize a mirror tint over plexiglass.  I have wondered if this would work.  As the surface is opaque while light is on the outside yet when lit up from the inside it would then be viewable... So I was wondering what affect the mirror tint would have on the sensors in the Octolively?


  • It would likely work somewhat, but it will definitely have a large loss in sensitivity.  The sensors send infrared light up, and look for reflections back.  If it's dark enough to look mirror-like to your eyes, it's likely passing less than 1% of the light through, and there are two passes through it.   Obviously, you'd have to try the specific material to see how well, if at all, it would work.

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