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STP16DP05 chip burning

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I tried to use my Meggy Jr today and nothing showed on the screen.  I thought maybe it needed to have the program reloaded and while getting that hooked up smelled the burning-electronics smell.  I immediately unplugged the power and disassembled the cover to find out what was burning.  It turned out to be one of the LED driver chips.  Just to be sure, I plugged it back in (without the display attached) and within seconds the LED driver chip got toasty.
  • Have you seen this happen before?
  • What could have caused it?
  • Can I get a replacement chip?
  • Could the LED matrix be shorted and caused this chip to fail?
  • How can I verify that the LED matrix is in working order?
I live nearby.  Would you like me to bring it over?

- Peter Holley


  • I have not seen anything like this happen before.  If the chip is in backwards, or shorted in certain ways, I could imagine this happening.   We'd be happy to give you a replacement chip, but it's critical to identify what caused the problem.  If you cannot, then the same thing will most certainly happen again after you replace the chip.  

    It's possible (but unlikely) that there's an issue with the LED matrix itself.  If so, it would be possible to test by swapping it out onto another Meggy Jr, to see if it works there.  You can bring your unit by our shop during business hours, but it might be helpful to make an appointment (off-forum, please) to ensure that we're expecting your visit.
  • Windell, 
    Thanks for all your help getting my Meggy Jr. working again.  I also enjoyed the tour of your facilities :)
    I got the chips back in and it works fine now.  I have not found any other power adapters that fit that are higher than 5V. Is it possible that the damage could have happened from someone reversing the polarity of the battery box?  My son may have done that, but I know that the batteries were quite used.

    also, I remember why I use a dremel to remove chips.  You can cut them up high, just at the junction to the chip, which leaves plenty of lead left to grip and remove.

    - Peter H.
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