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Stepper motors - wiring colours

edited June 2013 in Egg-Bot

This post is in advance of me receiving my EGGBOT kit - I have been studying the instructions.

The Eggbot assembly instructions refer to the stepper motor wire colours, (in order of connection to the EBB) as grey(or brown), green, yellow and pink. However, looking at the datasheet for the motor listed in the BOM, KH42HM2-951, the wire colours are different: red, yellow, blue and white.

This is all very confusing. Is there a foolproof way of connecting the steppers to the EBB somehow? Perhaps starting by identifying the colours associated with each of the two coils? I have seen other colour combination on NEMA motors: red, black, green

Do the EBB connections for grey/green correspond to one coil and the EBB connections for yellow/pink correspond to the second coil? I take it that it is important to get each coil the right way round too?

Any general information on bipolar stepper motor wire colours would be useful at this point.



  • Please follow the directions in the Eggbot assembly guide; the guide tells you which order to put the wires in. If you follow that order, it will work correctly.  It's not foolproof, but it's pretty darned close. :)

    The wire colors on the motor datasheet are out of date; we have updated the product page on our store with the correct wire colors.

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