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gEDA on mac

I'm trying (and failing) to get gEDA running on my mac (OSX 10.7.5). I'm new to mac, but I've used linux a bit before. To add to the fun, I'm on my work computer, so I'm not the admin on it.

So I have gEDA downloaded and installed. I can run gschem and pcb. I made a quick schematic and am trying to get it into the pcb program. I tried xgsch2pcb, but that didn't seem to work, so I tried to use the command line gsch2pcb. That's located in /opt/local/bin so if I cd to that directory and run :

wcne-128-154-138-188:bin aresnick$ ./gsch2pcb ~/Documents/Circuits/Schematics/test.sch
gsch2pcb: gnetlist command (gnetlist -q -g gsch2pcb -o /Users/aresnick/Documents/Circuits/Schematics/test.pcb /Users/aresnick/Documents/Circuits/Schematics/test.sch) failed.

where ~/Documents/Circuits/Schematics/test.sch is the path to my simple schematic. I've tried to run gnetlist by itself and that always fails too. Also, I've noticed:

wcne-128-154-138-188:bin aresnick$ which pcb
wcne-128-154-138-188:bin aresnick$ which gschem
wcne-128-154-138-188:bin aresnick$ which xgsch2pcb
wcne-128-154-138-188:bin aresnick$ which gsch2pcb

which doesn't seem good to me, but I don't know how to fix that either. Halp plz?

Also I tried the import schematic feature of pcb, but nothing happened after I did that...


  • Which method did you use to install gEDA, and which of the packages did you install?
  • Seems to be the macports method, and seemed to install pcb, xgsch2pcb in addition to the normal gEDA install.
  • If you can run run gschem and pcb, I'm surprised that you don't seem to be able to find them with which-- do I understand correctly that you can only run them from the directory in which the programs live?  If so, you may need to manually add the /opt/local/bin path to your $PATH.

  • wow, how did I not realize this. Fixed me right up.
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