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OK  I have installed all the software, I think.

I plug in theUSB after powering up the eggbot.

the LED at the top middle of the board is steady green.  the one between the power connector and USB connector is flashing green?


Is there something I missed reading some place that tells me about the LEDS and what they indicate?

On some of my CNC machines with stepper motors and stepper drivers whe stepper motors lock up.  They do not seem to be doing that here.


What have I missed?  HELP PLEASE.




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    Hi Bob,
    I'm afraid that I don't understand the problem-- can you please explain what it is that you think you've missed?

    (In general, my advice would be to ignore the LEDs, and proceed right to the next step, of testing it out and adjusting the motor current.) 
  • And, if you do need it, the complete EBB documentation (including LED signals) is available here:

  • I guess I have totally missed the part about testing and how to adjust motor current.

    Is there a step by step check list some where?

    I seem to finds bits and pieces at different places.  now this on adjust motor current and testing it.


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    When setting up the Eggbot, you should definitely go through all three parts of the "Essential documentation" listed on the Wiki:

    Part 3 of the instructions walks through the process of making your first plot and adjusting the motor current. 
  • Thanks for the reply I missed some of the directions.

    Today we are going attempt our first plot.


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