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What Should we Build Next?

My girlfriend and I are huge fans of EMS and we've built the Meggy JR and the Bulbdial. We love EMS kits. They are complete and they are well documented and all around awesome. But we want to build something else now! Is there any recommendations of other kits out there that we can build? Looking for stuff that has the quality of an EMS build. 

We've looked all over the net and can't find what we are looking for. Maybe someone here has some ideas.


  • Thanks for your kind words about our kits! Are there any particular types of kits you're looking for? Robotics? LEDs? Do you want soldering kits in particular, or screwdriver type stuff? We've got quite a few more kits you haven't tried yet, like the Peggy 2 and the Eggbot. We also carry some kits by other manufacturers we like, such as the Spikenzie Labs Calculator Kit. 
  • Hi. We really like soldering kits. We're thinking about the calculator. Peggy 2 is cool but we're not sure what to do with it. We like things we can put on our desks at work.
  • You might look at Alpha Clock Five:
    Depending on what kind of job you have, our 555 kit could be a good conversation starter:
  • good point. I just checked out the 555 kit. It's really cool!
  • How about some functional mods, say, on the ISP shield, a couple of switches in place of J5 and J6? And maybe a redesign to allow someone to program either ATMega328 OR ATTiny lines.
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