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PoV & visual perception speeds

edited October 2013 in Ask an Evil Mad Scientist
Hi Guys
I wanted to ask you a briefly about this project:
Comments are closed on the blog post so I came here.

I'm trying to design an easy PoV project for some kids I do a science club with.  The electronic side is easy enough, but my question is about the physical movement of it:  You show some great figures in the post above.  Do you remember whether they were visible with the naked eye or are they only revealed in a long-exposure photograph?  If visible, what sort of rate was the pendulum?  I guess only 1-2 Hz at most.

I'm wondering whether I need to move my PoV device through a whole display cycle in less than 1/25th second (which seems to be the "frame rate" of the human eye) or whether a slower rate will do.

Any thoughts appreciated.




  • Yes, these were 1-2 Hz kind of motion.  It's visible to the eye if your gaze is fixed-- but (like with most POV devices) you won't see it if you follow the electronics with your eyes.  If you make a shorter pendulum (so that it will have a shorter period), you might want to turn up the oscillation frequency.
  • Thanks Windell - I must try the idea of looking at something fixed nearby to make them easier to read by eye.

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