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Interactive LED Panel Assistance

Hello EMS,


We recently purchased one of your interactive LED boards and are having an issue. We followed all the directions and when we turn it on, all the LEDs light up but never dim. They just stay lit the whole time. We checked the IR diodes with a video camera and they are lit while the photo diodes are not.

Any suggestions?


Let us know.




  • Hi Chris,
    Assuming you got the kit version (if not, please correct me) did you insert the chips in the sockets?
  • Also, what are the specifications of the power supply you are using?
  • Yes we did get the kit version. We have all 4 chips inserted. The power supply we are using is 24V/1A.
  • Any thoughts Windell or Lenore?
  • Are your chips inserted fully into the sockets in the correct orientation? Is your power supply regulated and does it have a center positive plug?
  • Also, check the orientation of the phototransistors and the two diodes.  Any of those backwards would cause this condition.
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