Daughterboard for Peggy 2

edited December 2013 in LED Matrix Kits
I've been looking around for the best solution to add a daughterboard to address a couple of things (mainly prototyping space along with the need for both serial and i2c) and found that the EMS proto boards http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/tinykitlist/74-atmegaxx8 may be my best bet.  The pros being they make short work of adding a 2nd 328 and give me a little more room to expand, the con is that they are just short (literally) of being a perfect fit.  Two mounting holes on one side of the board align perfectly with the holes in the Peggy battery box area so I could mount it with two spacers securely fastened to the board and two 'floating' to stabilize it.  If there were a larger proto board lined up with the outer 4 holes of the battery box area, using the extra board area for more prototyping space that would be perfect.  An idea for a future Peggy revision: why not add additional prototyping space within the battery box area for those not using the battery box?  For those using the battery box, it would just be covered up.

I just wanted to pass this idea along and see if anyone else had suggestions for adding a daughterboard to the Peggy...


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