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Cable Guide Binding

edited January 2014 in WaterColorBot
My daughter gave me and my grand daughters a Watercolorbot for Christmas.  How cool!  Gravity and other forces cause the plastic cable guide to rub and snag across the X axis string as the carriage moves back and forth across the X axis.  I have tried several approaches to adjust the plastic cable guide so it will consistently rides above and clear the X axis string.  I have removed it and turned it around.  I have tried to reposition it at an angle.  Nothing I have tried has been able to defy gravity.  I the snagging of the X axis string appears to be causing the X axis motor to become confused.  Any adjustment ideas?  There is probably a simple solution that I just have not thought of.


  • One thing I just noticed is that the thin edges of the plastic cable guide are pretty rough.  I used the included sand paper to smooth the edges of the plastic cable guide.  This seems to eliminate the drag of the cable guide rubbing on the X axis string.  The cable is guide is still rubbing but the friction has been greatly reduced and the dragging and catching has been stopped.  Time for me and the girls to paint another painting.
  • Another update.  Latest adjustment was to lightly  fold and mildly crease the plastic cable guide close to each end of the cable guide.  This was done in such a way to force the cable guide into an upward arc.  All is good now.  No dragging or snagging.
  • Hi Bud,
    I apologize for the slow reply-- I was busy in another thread. ;)

    Our usual strategy is to loosen the screws that hold down the cable guide at each end, and to angle it upwards-- up out of the carriage, and up out of the cable guide support on the frame, before re-tightening those screws. However, it sounds like the root issue was the rough edges on the cable guide.  We rejected some that we caught with rough edges, but it sounds like some got through anyway-- and I am sorry for the trouble.  If you'd like a fresh replacement cable guide, please contact us directly by e-mail.

  • All is good now.  Thank you for the offer of a new cable guide.  I tried several screw adjustments and just could not get it to hold a good position until I creased the cable guide a little. 
  • Hi, thanks for the info, Windell. I had a similar problem. Thanks.
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