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Y-Axis not working w. stuttering sound and not moving smoothly

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We set up the bot today. Kids would love it, if it would work. I am pretty handy with stuff like that, but of course I might be the culprit here. Here what happens:

The vertical sliders when moving down towards the front starts to stutter and stops moving further the 1/2 to 3/4 of the whole height even when I select the lowest possible point in RT. The longer the robo works the worse it gets. It gets completely de-calibrated and goes all over the place, constantly stuttering.

Here hat we checked several times

1. Both axis rods and sliders seem to be absolutely square.
2. All the cords are correctly wound up and correctly running through bearings and grooves
3. Cords seem to have the right tension (or is it too tight? how can I check? What is ideal? )
4. I can turn the motors and sliders seem to slide smootly by hand.
5. Even though the x-axis slider seems to be a bit tougher to turn it works perfectly as opposed to y-axis

Both in RoboPaint and RT we have the same problem, I don't think it's software issue.

Here 2 movies showing our struggles:

Shall I look into current settings? We are living in Switzerland.



  • Please follow along with the advice in the other thread, here, about how to double check those mechanical parts, and adjust the current if necessary:

    If the tension seems correct, and things seem to slide smoothly by hand, it does seem likely to be a current limit adjustment that is needed.  However, the fact that it changes as it moves suggests that there may be too much slack in one or both of the cords; you should double check that the rod ends are square at both ends of travel. 
  • Update: I finally looked at the current settings > IT WORKS!!! I should have dared earlier to look into this... works like a charm now. Installed Inkscape and using normal pens.... sooo coooool. can't wait to test vector graphics
  • Awesome-- I'm glad that it turned out to be straightforward. :D
  • Well, the cords are a bit tricky but in the end it worked. Great product... see examples in thingiverse
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