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edited January 2014 in LED Matrix Kits
Any help with extra LED lit in time numbers(digits).  Looks as if the lower row, eg the three dots of the base of the "1" are being repeated in the row above.  

I get the same behavior with the none ChronoDot sketch

Thanks for any help.



  • This seems to be common to all sketches.  Two row act identically (8 and 9).

  • Can you please say what hardware you are using?
  • latest peggy 2.3

    Row 8 was dead, I think I have jumper-ed Row 9 resister to Row 8 transistor.  More later.
  • My pin count was off, I now have the 10'th pin of the IC jumper-ed to R8 (also missed that the upper row of R's were even numbered).

    Now all is well.  Thanks

  • Okay-- sounds a little complicated, but I'm glad that you have it working. :)
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