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Meggy Functions

Hello, I was curious what all the commands for the Meggy Jr RGB were; because after I looked at the pdf for programming the Meggy, I checked other Meggy examples.  I found some of the more advanced commands confusing and was unable to figure out what they did.  If there was a website or a list of all the Meggy commands/functions that would be really helpful.


  • I believe that standard functions that are *specific* to the Meggy Jr RGB are documented in the programming guide.  But, there are also custom functions defined within many of the other examples, and there are also all of the functions listed in the Arduino documentation ( ) to draw from.  If you've found others, or have a specific question about any given function, I'd be happy to help.
  • I was looking through the code in MeggyJr_Attack and I came across things such as, uint8_t redMatrix[9]; and, enum colors {Dark, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White,
             dimBlue, dimGreen, dimRed, dimYellow, dimAqua, dimViolet };
    I was curious what these meant and their uses.  If I find any more I'll ask.
  • "redMatrix" is one of several internal arrays for storing the colors on the screen.
    The colors are pre-defined colors that can be used in the game, referring to them by name rather than numbers.
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