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Buggy Stipplegen

edited February 2014 in Software Tools
I've been trying to use stipplegen, but it's horribly buggy.  It will usually load images fine and start generating stipples, but it won't let me pause or save.  Clicking on the button does nothing.  Often the slider controls are unresponsive as well.  Clicking and holding will actually drag the buttons around.  Sometimes a button will work once in a while for no discernible reason.

What can I do?  It's immensely frustrating to have it run a few hundred generations, make a nice image, then be unable to save it.  I'm running Stipplegen version 2.02, java 6, and Linux Mint 13.


  • There are some bugs in the underlying libraries that we use, which can occasionally cause a freeze, particularly at high generation number.  So far as I know, those have not been fixed.  We've been thinking about rewriting the software with a different voronoi generation library, but have not had time to do so yet.   

    You may find it helpful to download Processing and run directly from source, so that at least you'll get an error message when the core crashes.

    And, you may find it helpful to save output at lower generation numbers. We've generally found things to begin to converge at around generation 40, and look best after generation 100.
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