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Octolively Troubles

Hello everyone!
I was doing a project for school, and I decided to assemble one of your octolively kits, so I soldered it all together and I plugged it in using my 5V 550A power supply and I get D3 steady, full brightness, D5 flashing constantly, and sometimes D4 on constantly, the only way I can try to get a different LED to work is by unplugging it from the wall and plugging it in again.
What do you guys think is up? I soldered it all myself, and this was my first mainly soldering project. Any input is appreciated!

Thanks guys!


  • I'm not sure what power supply that could be, but please make sure that it has *regulated* 5 V output.  That is necessary for proper operation.

    As for the issues that you are describing, it sounds like there may be multiple soldering problems. Double check that all of your components are in the correct locations and correctly oriented, and check to see if you might have any accidental connections between neighboring pins on the bottom side, or any solder joints that look dry, blobby, or cracked. 
  • How do I tell if my power is regulated or not?
    Thanks for replying!
  • Also, my power supply is a old motorola phone charger (I cut of the plug, stripped the wires and put them in the alternate power/screw terminals), I am not sure if it is regulated or not. 
  • I'm pretty sure that a motorola phone charger can't supply 550 A of current. As for regulated, I would *guess* so.  Does it have a roman numeral in a circle, say "IV" or "V"?  If so, that would indicate that it's a modern switching (regulated) supply.
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    I looked over and re-soldered all the joints that were on the sketchy side, and I still have the same thing happening. I am thinking that the problem might be with my power supply, I might have to order a new one.
    And yeah, its not 550 A, its 550 mA. Sorry about that.
  • Update:
    Power supply is regulated, I looked over my solder jobs and I found a few that weren't the best, and looked it over again after fixing them, and found 1 more. I expect it to be working soon!
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