What screws go with the bulbdial clock?

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I've thrown the Little paper Sheets away and now, I Need additional screws. My normal (European) screws don't work, Looks like I Need imperial size screws. Can someone tell me the characteristics of the screws?


  • The screws are 4-40 (yes, imperial) 3/16" for the gnomon, and 3/8" for the rest. You can also find the bill of materials on our wiki: http://wiki.evilmadscientist.com/bulbdial
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    Thanks! Now I can get myself better screws. First, I Need them a tad longer as I've screwed the original clockface on the back, thus making the stock screws just Long enough, second I want to get knurled screws as I end up opening the clock every now and then and don't want to digg out the tool every now and then :)

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