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Y-motor not moving backwards

edited March 2014 in WaterColorBot
Hi! So, on my Bot, I can move the y- axis away from home, but cannot convince it to return to home, or move backwards at all. It moves smoothly away from home, but does not even attempt to move back. There was not sound, jittering, or anything- the motor just does not do anything.  The X-axis moves back and forth smoothly, servo-motor works; only the Y- axis is experiencing this trouble. I would appreciate any feed back you guys have, and thanks.


  • OK, here is an update- Only the walk in Inkblot does not work, everything else works, even the wash brush in the same program. I am now painting just fine with Robopaint.
  • From what you describe, it sounds like your hardware is actually working, so it could well be a bug in that software-- please let me check and see if I can reproduce it here.
  • Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle: The Y-direction manual walk in Inkscape totally cannot go backwards towards home!

    I have no idea (1) how we missed this or (2) how it managed to survive out there so long without anyone else reporting it first.  So (1) I'm very sorry for the error, (2) *thank you* for finding it and (3), we'll get a fix in place very soon.
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