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X-axis suddenly stopped working

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[note: apologies for duplicating an email already sent to EMS a few days ago, but I really miss my WCB working!]

I've been getting on well with my WCB here in the UK for a few weeks since building it (received mid Feb), but suddenly my motor 1 (or the corresponding channel on the EBB) has gone lifeless :( Nothing dramatic happened at the time, I started a new print from the home corner having just finished one, and the X axis was dead.

The motor doesn't move, it's also not locked up like the other one, and when I try to paint, everything looks like it's working, but only the Y axis actually moves.

I tested the voltage on the motor terminal blocks, and there is nothing on any combination of those 4 terminals when it's supposed to be moving. There's plenty for the working motor, depending on what it's doing of course.

Please help! Thanks.


  • hmm, sounds like my EBB is toast, thanks to EMS for sorting me out.

    On a supplementary note, I've been interested in using pens with the WCB, and I've had success with the Platinum Souhitsu Fude Pen CFS-250 (, most brush pens are quite thick to fit in the holder, but this one is perfect.
  • Sorry for the slow reply here-- I'm glad that we were able to help out through e-mail. :)

    And, thanks for the tip on the pen-- we'll add it to our list of recommended pen choices!
  • no worries!

    By way of evidence, here's my TSP Batman silhouette with that pen:


    What do think would be the practicalities of having support for variable 'brush down' position according to stroke width?
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