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SOLVED --Trouble with layers - Eggbot

edited March 2014 in Egg-Bot
I am trying to plot an svg file that contains 5 different layers,  each layer being a different color.  the layers are name 1-Black, 2-Green, 3-Red, and so on.

In the Eggbot extensions, I have the layer number set to 1,  and then after clicking 'apply', I start the plotting operation....HOWEVER, it plots all of the layers with stopping,  therefore making it impossible to effect a pen change.

I am running the latest version of inkscape...




  • Were the layers created in Inkscape using it's concept of "layers"? SVG itself has no such concept.  Consequently, different applications will implement layers in different ways using different conventions. The Eggbot Control extension only knows the convention Inkscape uses.  It does not understand, say, the convention used by Corel or Illustrator.  (Indeed, if you do this in Corel or Illustrator and then export as SVG, the layers are probably all merged into one -- the concept of the layers may not even be exported to foreign formats by those programs.)

  • Jim,
    Is there any chance that you changed the active tab back to the first tab, "Plot," before clicking Apply?  It will only pause between layers if you click Apply while the "Layers" tab is active.

  • I'm using an svg file that was created by Robogenius, specifically the "Oscar the Grouch" file that I downloaded from Thingiverse....

    Let me check again to make sure that I did in fact click the Apply when changing layers,  but I know when I did the first plot test,  I didn't go into the layers tab,  it was defaulted to layer 1,  and that's when it printed the entire design without stopping...
  • If you didn't go to the Layers tab, then that would explain the situation.
  • That was the problem.....I had inadvertently backed out to the Plot tab....when I stay in the layers tab and "apply" each layer change from there,  it works perfectly !!  Thank you Dan and Windell for replying to my post...

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