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Pen Servo is not working

edited March 2014 in Egg-Bot
Hi All,

I just setup a new Egg Bot and the pen servo does not move up and down. I can control the Egg Bot with Inkscape and it will plot or at least the step motors move. The pen servo does not move. If I unplug and plugin the servo, it will raise. It will raise again if I repeat. I'm on a mac but I doubt that is the problem since the step motors function. I will try on windows. Any ideas? Maybe it's just a bad servo.




  • Hi Thomas,
    I see that you've sent a duplicate request on this issue by e-mail.  If the servo motor does move, but in one direction only, that does sound like it's broken.  We'll follow up by e-mail about sending you a replacement.

  • Picked up at new servo from Evil Mad Scientist. It's working now.
  • Upon disassembly, it appears that the servo in question had its cable installed backwards. Unfortunately, that's the sort of manufacturing error that might sneak by QC, if the tester also plugged it in backwards. :P

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that it's up and running now. :)
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