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Won't rotate

edited March 2014 in Egg-Bot
I just built my Egg-bot. Everything went well, but when I print an egg, the egg rotation stays within a 2mm area, moving back and forth rather than around. The pen arm works fine.

I have tried adjusting the CUR ADJ. It apears to spin freely in both directions, so I cannot turn it "all the way" in either direction. I tried adjusting it while use the Walk Motor 2 (egg) command in Inkscape. I can't get the rotation to work. Oddly, in some positions of CUR ADJ, the pen arm starts to move when I send a Walk Motor 2 command.

Any ideas?


  • I'm sorry to hear about the trouble.  It could be a problem with the driver board, with the motor, or with the wiring. Please try swapping the motor wires, so that the opposite channel of the driver board is driving each motor.  Hopefully, that will help indicate what's causing the problem.  
  • I rewired it so that the motors were switched. When I did that, manual control worked perfectly for motor 2 (by calling it motor 1 in the software), but not motor 1 would only move in a narrow range.

    I switched the wiring back and it went back to the original behavior - motor 1 worked as design and motor 2 no longer worked.

    I think that rules out the wiring and the motors and puts the driver board in question. I've got a multi-meter I can use to do more testing, if you think it would help.
  • Yes, sounds like a faulty driver board.  One thing that you could do is to remove the board from the Eggbot, and visually inspect the solder joints on the terminal blocks to see if you can see anything obviously wrong. But, it's probably best and easiest if you contact our store directly about exchanging the EBB for a replacement:
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