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Eggbot Python Standalone program.

edited March 2014 in Egg-Bot

On examining the file from the eggbot standalone zip file there are several eggbot specific import files.
The file contains:
import EggbotGuiMenu
import EggbotGuiConfiguration
import EggbotGuiManualControl
import EggbotSerial
import EggbotPlotEAGLE
The EggbotPlotEAGLE file is in the zip file, the others are "missing",
does these files exist somewhere or was the standalone project abandoned?

The reason for asking is that while testing testing the latest EBB version
trying to verify the pen-arm movement bug it would be nice to "automate"
the process instead of sending plots through Inkscape.

By having the program as a stand-alone script it is easier to vary the parameters
by creating lines of different (random) lengths.

So far a few hours of running plots of 1000 lines at a time have failed to reproduce the bug.
( It is however easy to get the motor movement to fail by running the motors too fast. )



  • This is an independently created file, uploaded to the Eggbot code repository-- I don't think that anyone currently involved with the Eggbot project has tested this.

    It should be straightforward to copy the relevant parts of the Eggbot extensions for Inkscape into separate files that you can call independently.  Alternately, you might want to look at driving the EBB directly from its command set, or using RoboPaint-- the latest version has experimental support for the Eggbot and an open API.
  • Hi.

    Thanks for the tip, the RoboPaint API road looks interesting. Will download the code and have a look.
    Yes, I have "patched" bits n pieces from the Inkscape eggbot extension. I am currently sending commands stand alone, without a GUI. No sign of the EBB "bug" yet. I am not testing the rotation but verify that the motor always returns to the starting position, (when the motor "misses" step the "home" position will change)

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