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Can The Eggbot Draw These?

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Before I purchase an eggbot, I'd like to get an idea of what it can draw and how to design it with inkscape. I've uploaded an svg file with three vector paths. Can the eggbot draw them like so?

File: Here!


  • To get a feel for what those will look like when drawn by the Eggbot, change the fill to none and the stroke to a solid line. To learn about creating fills for the Eggbot, this is a good starting place:
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    All of those designs can be printed, but the filled area will only print as an outline, unless you "manually" fill the region.  We have several recommended ways to do that, including the "Hatch Fill" extension, and a few other tips and tricks:
  • Another tip: in Inkscape, set

        View > Display mode > Outline

    Then you'll see something much closer to what the Eggbot will draw.  There is, however, a minor gotcha: things that the Eggbot will issue warnings about will be largely hidden from you. For example, if you've embedded a bitmap image into the drawing, it will show up as a faint X'd out region.  When you then go to plot, you'll be met with an error from the Eggbot Control extension about its inability to plot that object.
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    As stated above;
    Your "design" can be plotted on the eggbot with just a few changes to some of the parts.
    The eggbot does not produce "filled in" parts. The fill-in has to be added manually.
    To change your design I would set the fill to none and stroke to a high contrast color.
    Then I would select the path and do a duplicate and then inset (by two pixels).
    Add Path effect - Hatches (Rough)
    Then do a Extension - eggbot - preset hatches for fills.

    A few manual edits has to be made to the design as the hatching function is not (yet)
    "smart enough" to avoid hatching in the closed areas inside (like lakes on a map) the outline.

    The plot of your design (I did not 'extract' all the 'lakes' in the left part -
    will leave that as an exercise for you!).
    Same goes for the leaves in the plant - I filled in a few - you can do the rest ;-)

    As you see on the right part of the plant - the pen tip is too coarse to get all
    the fine details, I have removed some on the left part for comparison.
    More of the fine details has to be removed or the paths has to be moved further apart to get a decent plot.

    I have also stretched the designs along the x-axis to get the proportions more "correct".

    The file as plotted; SVG_File
    To get a 'better" plot you will have to edit the file some more. The red "Art" is still a disaster - needs more work.

    Results;  part1 part2 part3
    As you see the eggbot extension is "unforgiving" - it plots even "invincible lines" that is lines with no stroke or fill, One of the squares around the "red" object had no stroke and was not selected when I moved the rest.

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