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How long will a Larson Scanner run on batteries?


I've got a project in mind for Maker Faire San Mateo 2014, and would like to use a Larson Scanner in it.  But, will a set of batteries last through the whole show?  Or do you have a wall wart you recommend instead?



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    From the kit page;

    The circuit runs on 2 AA cells, and has an external battery box with
    integrated power switch. Under high-brightness mode: A new set of
    alkaline AA cells would be expected to last about 60-80 hours
    continuously, or 10-13 days if run 6 hours per day. Under low-power
    mode– the default at turn on– a new set of alkaline AA cells would be
    expected to last somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-700 hours, or
    16-30 days if run continuously.

    10 to 13 days if run continuosly 6 hours per day or in other words 5 to 6.5 days at 12 hrs per day.
    Bring one set of spare batteries anyway. (Better safe than sorry!)


  • Thanks!  That was posted in 2009, so forgive me if I didn't remember the details.  :)  Looks like low-power mode will be fine; plus, it's not going to be on continuously.  Another circuit will turn it on/off.
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