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Eggbot spaz

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I have been using my eggbot with the stock settings in inkscape ext but now I would like to try to dial in the quality a bit.

You will see the extra tiny lines on the top and bottom of the E's and A. The dot in the middle of the S and A was my fault when putting the egg in,
Im not sure if this is a mechanical or software speed/jerk problem. Any help would be appreciated.


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    From looking at your egg I would suggest you check two items.
    First the servo pen up and pen down positions has to be set fairly correctly.
    I set the up position to lift the pen just a few millimeters off the egg surface and the down position so the servo arm clears the pen arm (horizontal part) by a few millimeters.
    Next you have to make sure the delays is set correctly, for a felt tip pen the delay after pen down is "critical". If the delay is set too long the ink will spread from the pen tip before the pen starts moving making a visible "blob" at the start of the line. If set too short or low the pen will start moving before the pen touches the egg making a 'tapered' line start.
    Same goes for the delay after pen up, I suspect your setting is too low causing the pen/egg to move before the pen is lifted completely off the egg surface.

    Here is what I use at the moment;

    For your pens the delays and speeds might need some 'tweaking'.

    Good Luck.
  • Thanks for your reply I will try those setting. I would like to clarify a couple things.

    My pen arm when down is 90 degrees. Are you saying it should be a tad less then 90?
    I have my up/down 7 digits away from each other but I suppose I could make it less. Do you think I should go with something like 3?
    I have not mastered how to get the pen tip in the perfect position touching the egg. if fact I really had no clue how to do it so here is what I currently do. I take a piece of paper and lay on top of the egg and let it fall on that, then raise up slightly the arm and tighten. Then made a line around the marker with another marker so I put it in close to the same each time. I would think there woulkd be a better way but I have not found it yet.
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    You are doing it right setting the arm to 90° when the pen is down. I use the "paper under the pen" trick as well.
    Make sure your pen tip is in the center of the egg along the 'long' axis (from tip to tip).

    The pen arm motor height is also 'critical' as the pen will move 'across' the egg when moving the pen arm from one end to the other. I use a pencil to check this as the line can be erased. Set the pencil tip on the egg with motors off and move the pen arm manually from end to end. If the line drawn on the egg has a 'S' shape the motor height is incorrect. (You can also observe the pen arm moving up/down). It takes a few tries to get a fairly straight line.

    Good Luck
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