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vector files for Bulbdial clock face

edited May 2014 in Clock Kits
I was thinking of laser cutting a wooden face for the Bulbdial clock but can't seem to find the vector drawing of the face.

The bulbdial wiki page has a pdf but I am not able to extract the clock face path from that pdf file. I am able to import the pdf into Inkscape but cannot get it it converted into a format Ponoko is happy with.

Would it be possible to get an Inkscape compatible drawing of the clock face please? 

Thanks! :-)


  • Hi.

    The file was most likely produced using Inkscape and saved as PDF. By 'opening' the file in Inkscape and saving as SVG you should be good to go. I have changed the stroke to red as this is a requirement by some of the laser cutting services.

    Bulbdial Face SVG

    If ponoko refuses the file try saving as 'plain svg' (stripping off Inkscape info.)

  • Thanks!

    After playing with the SVG file you sent I realized that I just had to do an un-group in inkscape after importing the pdf.
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