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LED shock flash project

edited May 2014 in General
So, I'm working on a project for a clogging dance group. The idea is to put a super bright LED under the shoe that will flash when they stomp, tap, etc... The challenges are that the light should not stay on while the foot is down, should operate on a CR2032 battery or smaller, give a full brightness flash, and not require any programming. I have tried multiple circuit designs and am coming up with nothing that gives me the end result that we are looking for. I can get a sudden flash using a shock and acceleration sensor, but it isn't enough for full brightness. It seems the pulse time is too short for the result. Is there any way that I can stretch the pulse. Any help is appreciated.


  • I'd recommend using the type of shock sensor that has a spring in it.  Then, use a 555 timer in monostable mode to stretch out the pulse. 
  • Thanks that makes total sense.
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