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USB problems

edited May 2014 in Egg-Bot
After installing inkscape and running the setup procedure there is aleays no USB connection. I have tried it with an windows 8 laptop and also xp.
Always the same: driver installed but under hardware setup problems with the driver.
Any ideas??
Yours Michael


  • Can you please clarify what you mean by "under hardware setup problems with the driver?"  Does that mean that you were unable to install the driver?
  • Yes,
    Driver installation failed
    Error code = 0x3EE

    I tried the elder v10 driverinstaller and also the v20

  • Your computer will definitely not be able to connect to the EggBot until the driver installed.

    I have not seen this error before on Win 8 or XP.  It sounds like you may not have permission to install the driver on your system.   

    To run it, right-click and run as administrator.
  • I seem to hae a similar issue.
    The board is listet in the device manager (win10) under "serial port 8 Arduino Leonardo"
    The USB driver installed successfully, but I still get the error message
    Failed to connect to EggBot. :(

    What am I missing?
  • The EggBot does not run on an Arduino Leonardo. Either your machine is not one of our EggBots or you also have an Arduino Leonardo connected to your computer. 
  • I would also note that no driver installation is needed for the EBB under Windows 10-- Windows will automatically detect and install the proper driver, even if you don't run ours.
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