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Art Controller

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I'm looking for a little expert advice.  I plan on using an 'art controller' to turn on a computer monitor in a arcade cabinet.  The main PC motherboard is plugged into a power strip that powers on outlets after the PC is turned on.  The monitor has a momentary type switch that requires a temporary contact closure.  What I'm looking for is how to setup the 'art controller' to act as a 'one shot relay' to power on the monitor once it is energized.  Anyone have any ideas how to configure this correctly before I receive it next week?  I will be soldering two wires to the momentary switch inside the monitor before the 'art controller' arrives in the mail.  Thanks.


  • I guess what I'm looking for is how to set this up as a 'one shot' on power up.  That wasn't completely clear in the instructions. Thanks.

  • Use the "trigger @ reset" option, to have it trigger automatically when it first gets power, and do not add any of the other optional jumpers.  

    Can you please say what wasn't clear about that in the instructions?  

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    Sorry about that I didn't realize that 'trigger @ reset' was the same thing as a one-shot.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • The "trigger @ reset" option does not change whether or not it is a "one shot" -- it just makes it so that it triggers automatically (as though you had pressed the button) when the Art Controller first turns on.
  • Ok, so I guess I can adjust the dip switches so it triggers for 6 seconds and then resets?  I noticed the monitor takes about 4 seconds once I fire everything up before I can power it on.  Also, I'd like to get your recommendation for powering the Art Controller.  My plan right now is to make a molex connector (with red and black wires only) and plug it into the PC power supply.  Thanks for the help!
  • Yes, you can set the dip switches for a 6-second activation period.  (It does not fully "reset" after that-- it just goes idle to wait for the next trigger.)

    The Art Controller has an on-board voltage regulator, and is designed that you can run it straight from 12 V (using the yellow (+12 V) and black (0 V) wires from a PC power supply.  If you would prefer to drive it directly from 5 V (using the red wire (+5 V) and black (0 V) from a PC power supply), you can do that, but a little care is required.  See our instructions about "omitting the voltage regulator" on this page: ;
  • It arrived today, I got everything put together and it's working perfectly.  Thank you for everything.
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