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Help getting StippleGen to run....

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If this is not the correct place to ask for this kind of help, please redirect me.

I'm trying to get StippleGen to run on Processing on my MAC BookPro.

Processing runs. I think I have all the required libraries installed properly.

When I hit the "run" button in Processing with the StippleGen sketch loaded I get an error:

This line in the sketch:   String loadPath = selectInput();  // Opens file chooser

Gets a message about method select input not applicable to the arguments.

I'll try to attach a screen shot.



  • Several questions:
    - Are you running StippleGen or StippleGen 2?
    - Does it work correctly if you run the compiled mac application, rather than running from source?
    - Which version of Processing are you using? 
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    Running the source code for StippleGen_2 in Processing 2.1.1.

    I should probably try the app, but I figured the source code should work if the app would. should get you to the error message.
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    The .app seems to run OK.

  • It certainly *should,* but Processing changes certain functions with each release, and there has been a change to the "selectinput" function since we last updated this code.  We would have updated the code sooner, but we had avoided updating Processing because of bugs in the new version that prevented exporting compiled apps. If the latest version of Processing is able to export working apps again, we can go ahead and update the code. :P
  • Thanks.

    It sounds like I should just leave it as it is for now and just run the .app.
  • If you have a strong need to hack it, you can either use an older version of Processing, update the relevant code snippet yourself, or ask us to update it.
  • I tried to outsmart "select input" and couldn't figure it out.

    I can wait for a fix.

    Thank you.
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